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Premier Film Academy- unique film school  project designed to educate and train in all areas of the film industry.


We offer a unique opportunity for everyone from different countries to plunge into the learning process, to realize their creative potential and to share new ideas.


Very important for us to create a platform for dating younger filmmakers who can identify best directions in the development of national cinema and to propose new ideas and thoughts to the world's cinema.


Choosing our courses you will become competitive specialists in your field, well prepared to advance your careers, able to respond quickly to the rapid changes taking place in the contemporary cinema world, to realize yourselves in the most interesting projects.


At the end of the course we hold a job fair where attended by representatives of film and television companies where you will present your work and get a chance to meet potential employers.


At the most talented graduates will have the opportunity to take part in the filming in USA, Europe and CIS and see the production process from the inside

Meet interesting people from the world of cinema.

Get a lot of emotions and an exceptional experience.

Premier Film Academy has 5 main audiences. Each classroom is equipped with the necessary equipment and comfortable furniture. We offer to our teachers modern samples of Cine Technique, cameras, lighting equipment and editing studios. In each class trained by 10-12 people, that allows to build individual learning style.

Hollywood filmmaking system, 20% theory and 80% practice


Classes cover the entire production process and provide an opportunity to immerse themselves in each stage. Thus our students own practical knowledge and can realize itself is in any project.


Training is conducted in both English and Russian languages

We aim to ensure that our students are not just here to learn filmmaking process, but decided on the choice of the future profession. Be a sort of push on the way to their success.


The program allows students to receive accept anyone who wishes to study at the academy, regardless of previous experience. We value your desire and our teachers are able to open cast potential in almost anyone.


Designed equally for both beginners and for people with experience in film school programs teaches modern techniques and helps to master classical techniques.  


We offer training for the following programs :



For full information, contact the Academy or ask your question...

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Уважаемые друзья, по поводу крольчатины, принимаем заявки на четверг и пятницу, на завтра уже нет и в выходные мы будем отдыхать, на следующей неделе начнем принимать на 11 марта. Девочки с наступающим!!!

In this section will be presented our students' work.

Our teachers are from America, Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan. All teachers are experienced professionals in the field of television and film industry for over 20 years. Among the masters in our school practicing producers, directors, writers, editors and cinematography.



Classes start at November 10


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